Why Atlassian

Atlassian is a unicorn software company whose products transform the way that teams work.

A leader in Australia’s technology industry, they grapple with many of the same questions that teachers face: How do we learn best? What might the work look like in the next ten years and beyond? What can we do now to best prepare for that future? Join Atlassian as they share their learnings and strategies to confront these questions head on.

In this course, you'll learn

  • Making an impact through small actions

  • Evaluating opportunities

  • Taking action with Do’ocracy

  • Designedly processes

Course curriculum overview

    1. Introducing Atlassian

    2. Responses from your colleagues

    3. Your initial reactions

    1. Industry insights on making a difference

    2. Reflecting on impactful moments

    3. Deciding which actions to take

    4. Reflecting on how scenarios pan out

    5. Reacting to outcomes

    6. Maintaining a healthy desire for action

    7. Evaluating industry attitudes and reactions

    1. Industry insights on designedly processes

    2. Frameworks for expressing intent and testing ideas

    3. Exploring the Experience Canvas

    4. Exploring the Project Poster

    5. Evaluating frameworks in your context

    1. Industry insights on taking action

    2. Your concluding reactions

    3. Congratulations & next steps

    1. Send us your feedback

  • 4 videos
  • 1hr of professional development

Teacher testimonials

  • I really enjoyed this course! Particularly its low floor, high ceiling approach and the time required to complete the course was not excessive.

    Natasha Wilkins – Primary Teacher at Wenona School

  • The templates give options and provide that sweet spot between a blank canvas and prescription.

    Amy Moore – Science Teacher at Model Farms High School