Why Meta

Meta (formerly Facebook) is a global technology company whose products have shaped the way that millions of people connect, socialise, and play.

Competing for attention in an increasingly technological world requires a deep understanding of how to connect with others. Join Meta as they share insights and processes they use to make creative, engaging experiences.
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In this course, you'll learn

  • Overcoming self-doubt habit loops

  • Understanding Imposter Syndrome

  • Contextual awareness and learning from mistakes

  • Evolving processes by always being in Beta

Course curriculum overview

    1. Introducing Meta

    2. Responses from your colleagues

    3. Your initial reactions

    1. Industry insights on self-awareness

    2. How self-doubt shapes behaviour

    3. How self-doubt shapes behaviour in a school context

    4. Overcoming self-doubt habit loops

    5. Self-doubt in your context

    6. Imposter Syndrome

    7. Indicators of Imposter Syndrome

    8. Strategies for overcoming Imposter Syndrome

    9. Education research into Imposter Syndrome

    10. Your response to the research

    1. Industry insights on contextual awareness

    2. Your response to industry insights

    3. Practising contextual awareness

    4. Always improving

    5. Examples from your colleagues

    6. Your reflections on current practice

    1. Industry insights on empathy

    2. Your concluding reactions

    3. Congratulations & next steps

    1. Send us your feedback

  • 4 Videos
  • 1hr of Professional Development

Teacher testimonials

  • It is great. It has some good thoughts that can be adapted to any subject.

    Natasha Greig – Director of Science and Technology Learning at Verity Christian College

  • I really enjoyed the course on all bases, I can see how easily it could fit into the schedule of a teacher.

    Natasha Bradley-Zaleski – Design, Photography, and Visual Art Teacher at University of Auckland