Why Meta

Meta (formerly Facebook) is a global technology company whose products have shaped the way that millions of people connect, socialise, and play.

Competing for attention in an increasingly technological world requires a deep understanding of how to connect with others. Join Meta as they share insights and processes they use to make creative, engaging experiences.

In this course, you'll learn:

  • Serendipity in the classroom

  • Targeted teaching

  • Building experiences from a relatable place

  • Utilising engagement to convey information

Course curriculum overview

    1. Introducing Meta

    2. Responses from your colleagues

    3. Your initial reactions

    1. Industry insights on serendipity

    2. Serendipity in the classroom

    3. Creating room for serendipity

    4. Targeted advertising

    5. Your thoughts on targeted advertising

    6. Targeted teaching

    7. Building experiences from a relatable place

    8. Collecting the information you need

    1. Industry insights on storytelling

    2. An approach to storytelling

    3. Engagement strategies for serving dessert first

    4. Evaluating engagement strategies

    5. Plan to embed engagement strategies

    6. Responses from your colleagues

    7. Modes of communication

    8. Reflecting on your experience with remote learning

    1. Industry insights on measurement

    2. Your concluding reactions

    3. Congratulations & next steps

    1. Send us your feedback

  • 4 videos
  • 1hr of professional development

Teacher testimonials

  • Short, but well-produced. Focused on meaningful questions that were relevant, and important.

    Shireen VanBuskirk – Science Teacher at Heatherton Christian College

  • I found the format really appealing, enjoyed watching the videos and found the prompts thought provoking and relevant.

    Natasha Wilkins – Primary Teacher at Wenona School